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545 Queen Street Building Management Committee Meetings - 2010

National Recycling Week 2010

In support of National Recycling Week 8 - 14 November, we invited tenants, building owners, contractors and local government representatives to join our tour of waste and recycling facilities which enabled us to see for ourselves where our rubbish ends up!

It also gave an interesting insight into the technology being used to recycle every day household items discarded including e-waste, clothing and much more.

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Building Performance Update

In our final meeting for 2010, we provided an update on building performance metrics and sustainability initiatives.
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Renewable Energy

This quarter, Angus MacDonald from EcoFund spoke about the Australian Voluntary Carbon Market and Felicity Willmett from Transpacific outlined the introduction of the Queensland Government Waste Management Levy in 2012.

We also outlined the highlights of our recent trip to Rocky Point Cogeneration Plant, Ti Tree Bio reactor and Wivenhoe Small Hydro.
Click here to see the general presentation. 
Click here to see the EcoFund presentation and here  for the Transpacific presentation.

We also provided attendees with the 2010 Ethical Guide to Supermarket Shopping. Go to www.ethical.org.au to find out more.

Results, Ratings & Reactor!

In our second meeting for the year, we provided an update on the latest base building NABERS Energy and Water ratings, reviewed the results of Earth Hour 2010 and outlined the highlights of our recent trip to the Cullerin Range wind farm and Woodlawn Bio Reactor in Tarago.
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Energy Efficiency

In our first meeting for 2010, we discussed tenancy energy efficiency, obtaining NABERS Energy ratings for your tenancy and the benefits of joining City Switch Green Office.
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Building Management Committee Meetings - 2009

In early 2009 the Tenant Sustainability Forum was re-named Building Management Committee Meeting, in line with the Federal Government terminology for green leases.


In our first Tenant Forum for 2009, we outlined building performance for the 2008 calendar year in relation to water, waste and energy. We also explained the benefit of undertaking NABERS Energy ratings and demonstrated how to rate your tenancy.

Waste & Recycling - Part 1

In the second half of 2009, the main focus of the Building Management Committee meeting was waste and recycling.
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Click here to see the Brisbane City Council presentation.

Waste & Recycling - Part 2

In our final forum for 2009, we provided an update on building performance in relation to water, waste and energy. We also detailed the benefits of the 'single bin system' and our plans for National Recycling Week and beyond. 

545 Queen Street Tenant Sustainability Forum - 2008

In late 2008 we held our inaugural Tenant Sustainability Forum where we provided information about the environmental performance of the property in relation to energy, water, waste and indoor air quality, and explained how tenant activities contribute to the property targets.

We also gave a brief overview of how NABERS rating tools are used to benchmark performance of the building.