545 Queen Street
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545 Queen Street and Corporate Responsibility

The owner of 545 Queen Street has a Corporate Responsibility (CR) purpose to:

"Create environments which enrich people's lives and in doing so, improve the social and ecological capital of the communities we touch."

We will advance on this vision by applying innovation and know-how, in collaboration with expert advisors, tenants, contractors and suppliers.

Initiatives already underway at 545 Queen Street to reduce environmental impact include:
  • Benchmarking of building energy/greenhouse and water consumption and efficiency using the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS).
  • Purchasing 10% of base building energy from Govt accredited GreenPower renewable energy sources.
  • Installation and monitoring of electricity and water sub meters to more closely monitor where consumption occurs.
  • Ongoing tuning of operating hours and system control parameters to avoid unnecessary consumption.
  • Cutting water waste from bathrooms and reducing sewer discharge.
  • Tuning/testing of cooling towers to ensure hygiene and water efficiency.
  • Provision of waste segregation and recycling facilities and systems.
  • Frequent measurement and testing of the indoor environment to ensure safe and productive working conditions.
  • Instigation of Tenant Sustainability Forums to allow collaboration between the property owners/managers and tenants.

If you would like more information about 545 Queen Street and Corporate Responsibility please contact Leah Ong on (07) 3833 2349.